Hello, I’m Nate

 NRA certified instructor

About me

MY GOAL IS To teach the basic knowledge, Skills and Attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol and rifle safely, To Ensure THAT BY THE END OF EVERY CLASS YOU WILL know and understand the fundamentals of shooting and how to protect yourself in your home and outside. GO INTO DETAIL ON WHAT I WANT TO ACCOMPLISH MORE!

My name is Nathaniel Johnson

I have been shooting for about 12 years, and first discovered my interest in firearms when I was 16.
My dream was to teach others how to properly shoot, and handle firearms. The second amendment states that we as American
citizens have the Right to Bear Arms. I pursed my dream and started my BUSINESS TEACHING OTHERS. I am a NRA member,
NRA certified instructor, and a member of the United States Concealed Carry Association, AFFILIATED WITH ALIEN GEAR

I’m Darren Watson

Basic Pistol Firearms instructor

Verbal De-escalation Instructor

Executive Protection

Private Security



Lets learn the proper way and have not only certification also skills

you certainly will.

Skills, Safe handling and storing firearms and hours of training in the range

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